Concert Schedule for OCT 20011 ~ MAR 2012

Concert Schedule for OCT 20011 ~ MAR 2012

□Mar 19 2012, Monday 19:00
Baroque Flute Recital

~The World of Ririko Maeda. Her 1st appearance at petit music salon “Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon” ~


J.van.Eyck : Engels Nachtegaeltige
F.Couperin : La Rossignol en Amour
J.S.Bach : Suite for unaccompanied Flute in A minor
G.P.Telemann : Fantasia No.8 in E minor from 12 Fantasies.
C.P.E Bach : Sonata for unaccompanied Flute in A minor
F.Kuhlau : From Divertimento No.2 in D major
J.Donjon : Elegie from Etude De Salon

also others

The program may be altered at player’s request..

Tickets in advance \3,500 (student \2,500)
Day tickets \4,000(student \3,000)

○Ririko Maeda(Baroque flute)
Born in Fukuoka City.
She began to learn flute at age 9 . In her high school days, she
got interested in baroque flute and entered the department of early music instruments of Toho Gakuen School of Music. Afterwards she studied and graduated from The Hague Royal Conservatory’s graduate school .
In 1999, she won the second prize at the International Early Music Competition in Brugge(Bruges).
Presently, she performs with Bach Collegium Japan and also with many other early music groups in Japan and foreign countries.
She teaches now at Tokyo University of the Artists and Ueno Gakuen.

Click here and fill in the application for buying tickets and reservation.
Reservation by telephone 06‐6862‐8855
Inquiries Noix Accordées Office 06‐6862‐8855

□Jan 28 2012, Saturday 15:30 ~ 17:00
Lecture Concert


~ The world of the latest Baroque Music crossing over the
boundary of traditional music and early music ~

Isao Moriyasu (Irish Flute / Recorder / Whistle)
Masako Moriyasu (Irish Harp / Cocertina)
Miho Hirai (Harpsichord)

The program will be announced on the very day of the concert.
The modernized performances of the lively Baroque Music
transmitted orally up to the present day in Ireland will be very appealing to you.

Tickets in advance \2,000
Day tickets \2,500

Inquiries Noix Accordées Office 06‐6862‐8855

□Jan 28 2012, Saturday
Open lessons for ensemble and solo of early music instruments, and vocal lessons are also acceptable by Isao Moriyasu (Irish Flute / Recorder / Whistle) and Miho Hirai (Hapsichord).

Open lessons 17:30, 18:30, 19:30

Lesson Fee Solo attendant \10,500
Ensemble attendant (one group)
The lesson fee for ensemble and solo includes the rental fee for harpsichord.
It is possible on the side of the sponsor to arrange the player for
the attendants who need the accompaniments by harpsichord.

Auditor Fee \1,000 (for each lesson)

Inquiries Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon 06‐6862‐8855   

□Jan 29 2012, Sunday 15:00
“Across the Dover” Osaka Concert

The utterly latest Baroque Music crossing over the boundary of traditional music and early music !!

Isao Moriyasu (Irish Flute / Recorder / Whistle)
Masako Mor iyasu (Irish Harp / Concertina)
Miho Hirai (Harpsichord)

A.Adam : Saw na ye my Peggy
Irish old song : Gort na Saileán (Down by The Sally Gardens)
H.Purcell : Horn Pipe
also others

Tickets \3,000

Sponsored by Muse Concert Kikaku Tel & Fax 0422-44-5306
E‐mail :
  Office P & G
E‐mail :

in cooperation with Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon .
Supported by Toyonaka City.
Inquiries Noix Accordées Office 06‐6862‐8855

○Isao Moriyasu
Isao graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Music in Tokyo where
he majored in Baroque music on recorder. He won first prize in the
10th All-Japan recorder competition. He also studied Japanese traditional flute
and played plofessionally in his twenties. After that he spent 4 months every year
in Ireland where he learned and played Irish traditional music. Now playing Irish
traditional and baroque music on flute and baroque music on recorder.
He has written and transrated 7 bookes on Irish music, dancing and culture.

○Masako Moriyasu
Masako became fascinated with Irish music while visiting Ireland, and started
to play it as a result. She learned the concertina and harp from various players.
With her husband Isao, she made two CDs in Ireland. They also featured
in a documentary which was televised in 2002 on RTE (Ireland's national radio
and television broadcaster).

○Miho Hirai, harpsichord
Miho Hirai studied piano with Nobutatsu Kawashima and graduated at the Toho gakuen University in Tokyo. Later on she studied harpsichord with Chiyoko Arita and chamber music with Masahiro Arita on the Toho Gakuen College Music Department Graduate Course. From 1994 to 1997 she studied harpsichord with Jaques Ogg and chamber music with the Kuijken’s at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag (Holland) for her post- graduate Diploma. She performed in various European cities and at Festivals such as the Holland Festival of Early Music Utrecht and the Haags Gemeentemuseum. In 1997 she returned to Japan where she is kept busy with concerts and recordings. She has appeared on TV in a programme on gesture in Handel’s Operas for The university of the air and has lectured on Handel’s Sonatas for violin at the Daito Bunka University. She also recorded “Affetti cantabili” “Sognando l’Italia 1,2” receiving excellent reviews in The record geijutsu magazine.In 2010, she was awarded the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Prize for “Buxtehude:Sonatas op.1 & 2 for Violin,Viola da gamba and Cembalo”.
She is appreciated for her accuracy of style and original ideas in practising continuo, and has played with Japanese ensembles such as Conversum Musicum, Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, and with the cellist Ludovit Kanta both in concerts and in recordings. She plays with La fête galante and has made two CDs of 18th century French music, “Les plaisirs de Paris” and “La fête galante”.

□Dec 18 2011, Sunday 16:00
The Evolutionary Concert for the 5th anniversary of Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon.

Harpsichord Recital Vol.9 by Seiko Nakata
[Concerto for Solo Harpsichord and Goldberg Variations by J.S.Bach ]

This Vol.9 recital is programmed of the works by J.S.Bach only.
Please enjoy Concerto for Solo Harpsichord based upon the works of Italian composers and “Italian Concerto” composed getting inspiration by those Concertos, and one of the most famous works “Goldberg Variations” played by double keyboards as well as “Italian Concerto”.
Seiko Nakata (Harpsichord)


Concerto for Solo Harpsichord in F major BWV.978
[arr. of A.Vivaldi’s Concerto RV.310(L’estro armonico op.3‐3 )]
Concerto for Solo Harpsichord in D minor BWV.974
[arr. of A. Marcello’s Concerto for Oboe]
Italian Concerto in F major BWV.971
Goldberg Variations BWV.988

○Seiko Nakata
Graduated from Soai University in 2001.
She majored in piano and learned at The Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw in the summer of 1999.
She also studied harpsichord and thoroughbass in Soai University. Almost at the same time of her graduation, she switched herself to harpsichord player and began her concert activities mainly in Kansai district. Recently, she has been playing not only in Kansai district but also in Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Tokyo.
From 2003, she has held her own solo recitals in autumn every year and has got excellent reputations that she has high level technique and her playing is stable, but stirring at the same time.
The recital in 2005 got a favorable review in the June 2006 issue of classical music magazine “Ongaku no Tomo”
In 2006, she held four salon concerts in Osaka and introduced many works of harpsichord.
Till now, she particularly has held the concerts programmed of the works of J.S.Bach only, including “Goldberg Variations” and “6 Partitas Concert”.
She taught at Elizabeth University of Music between 2005 ‐2006 as a part‐time instructor.
Sponsored by KLAVI in cooperation with Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon and AKIRA KUBOTA Music Instrument Workshop.

Supported by Heartfull Studio MICKEY of Flemish Corporation
and Saranokikai of Soai University

Inquiries KLAVI concert attendant Tel 090‐2381‐8816
E‐mail :
Web site : http//

□Nov 20 2011, Sunday 13:00
Salon Concert by the ensemble section of The Conference of Music and Dance, Kansai.

Viel Spaß ! No.2

Takako Murata (Violin)
Yoshie Ooka (Viola)
Yoshiko Utsumi (Marimba)
Satoshi Ogawa (Percussion)
Izumi Takei (Piano)
Yoko Tsuneta (Piano)
Kayoko Hino (Piano)

Beethoven : Sonata No.1
Bach : Unaccompanied Sonata No.1
Toshiro Mayuzumi : Small Concerto for Xylophone
2nd and 3rd movement
Latin Fantasy
also others

Tickets \1,500

Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon supports this concert as one of the memorial events of the 5th anniversary.

Inquiries Satoshi Ogawa Tel & Fax 06‐6693‐3933

□Nov 18 2011, Friday 19:00
~ Ryo Terakado’s 6th concert at Noix Accordée Music & Art Salon~

He will play opera music by baroque violin with Kaoru Ouchiyama.

Ryo Terakado & Kaoru Ouchiyama (Baroque Violins)


A.L.Vivaldi : Sonata for two violins in F major RV48
Allegro, Andante, Allegro moderato
J.Ph.Rameau : Suite “Selected melodies from operas”

~ intermission ~

J.M.Leclair : Sonata for two violins not accompanied by
thoroughbass No.5 in G minor (From 2nd volume)
Allegro, Aria gratioso, Allegro assai
W.A.Mozart : Suite for two violins “From The Magic Flute”
(based upon the 1792 arrangement)

Tickets in advance \4,000
Day tickets \4,500

□Nov 19 2011, Saturday
Open lessons by Ryo Terakado (Baroque violin)

Open lesson
11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00
(Please note that the scheduled turn may be slightly delayed by the lesson using harpsichord)

Lesson Fee Solo attendant \10,000
Ensemble attendants (one group)

[The rental fee for harpsichord is \2,000]

Auditor Fee \1,000 (for each lesson)

The applicants are requested to reserve and send the music
for the lecturer beforehand to the office of Noix Accordées.
( 1‐8‐20, Hattorihonmachi, Toyonaka 561‐0852)
In case different applicants want the same hour, the adjustments will be made in accordance with the mutual talks.

The lesson fee cannot be refunded in case of cancellation except for responsible reasons on the sides of the lecturer and the sponsor.
Substitution of attendant or ensemble for another person or group is acceptable.

The attendants and the auditors are invited to join
the refreshments gathering with Ryo Terakado after the

Sponsored by Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon
Supported by Osaka Gas Jutakusetsubi,
Music Art Station,
Consulaat‐General der Nederlanden te
Flanders Center,
Toyonaka City

○Ryo Terakado (Baroque Violin)
Born in Bolivia in 1961. He is so gifted as the violinist and
leader for ensemble that he played with the famous ensemble and orchestras of early music in Europe and has shown the great talent as the concertmaster of several orchestras and has been also frequently invited to many orchestras as a soloist for concertos.
In 1991, he founded the string quartet “Mito dell`Arco” and has been putting forth his efforts in the field of chamber music.
He has been also trying energetically to play the violoncello da spalla which was restored recently.
He made his debut as a conductor, in the 1st “Hokutopia International Music Festival `95”, conducting Opera “Dido and Aeneas” by Purcell.
Since then, he performs regularly the works of Mozart and of French Baroque composers such as J.Ph.Rameau and others.
He is now considered to be the most important musician who is
well versed in Baroque operas in Japan.
He teaches now at The Hague Royal Conservatory and Toho Gakuen School of Music. He lives now in Brussels ,Belgium.

○ Kaoru Ouchiyama(Baroque Violin)
Born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.
She graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts and university’s graduate school where she finished her doctoral course and was awarded the prize given to the best student.
She belonged to Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra between 2004 and 2006. She played as a soloist at the 138th Subscription Concert “The path to the classical school” conducted by Masahiro Arita.
She joined “Festival de Saintest”, getting the full scholarship from Orchestre des Champs‐Elysées in 2006 and 2007.
She also played as a member of Jeune Orchestre Atrantique conducted by Phlippe Herreweghe and Robert Levin in many cities of France, Belgium and Netherlands.
From 2007, she studied violin at The Hague Royal Conservatory under Ryo Terakado and graduated with diploma.
She has now finished the master classes of Sigiswald Kujiken, Reinhald Goebel and Allessadro Moccia.
In Japan, she studied violin under Takashi Hasegawa, Seiko Ishikawa and Midori Kugota.
In February 2010, she held her own concert “Baroque Violin Recital” in Hyogo Performing Arts Center.
Presently, she is a member of “Les Boreades” and “Classical Players Tokyo” and performs as baroque violinist within and outsid e of Japan.

□ Oct 22 2011, Saturday 15:00
The pleasures of English Baroque Music.

Mutsuyuki Motomura (Recorder) & Kenji Sano (Lute)


J.Finger : Sonata in G minor
An Italian Ground from the Division Flute

also others

Tickets in advance \3,500 (student \2,500)
Day tickets \4,000 (student \3,000)

□Oct 23 2011, Sunday
Open lessons by Mutsuyuki Motomura (Recorder) and Kenji
Sano (Lute)

Preface speech 13:00 ~ 14:00
Open lesson 14:00 , 15:00, 16:00

Lesson Fee Solo attendant \10,000
Ensemble attendants (one group)
Auditor Fee \1,000

The attendants and the auditors are invited to join
the refreshments gathering after the lessons.

Sponsored by Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon

○Mutsuyuki Motomura (Recorder)
Graduated from Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam.
He studied early music and recorder under Walter van Hauwe
and Jeanette van Wingerten.
After years of musical activities based mainly in Amsterdam, he
came back to Japan in 2001 and started “Mutsuyuki Motomura Recorder Series” taking up various repertoire of recorder.
He organized the ensemble“Lusthoffers” with Naoki Ueo and Toru Sakurada and also the recorder consort “Sweet Flutes” with
Mitsuko Ohta and Yoshio Murata.
He played the leading role as the director for “Tokyo Recorder Festival 2009” sponsored by The Yomiuri Shinbun.
His CD series include “Music appreciation in 17th and early 18th Holland” , “Francisco Barsanti 6 Recorder Sonatas” and “Seven Centuries of Solo Recorder”.

○Kenji Sano (Lute)
Graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the head of the school ranking.
He studied guitar under Ichiro Okamoto, Hector Quine, Buxton
Orr and Julian Bream and lute under Anthony Rooley, Nigel North and Jakob Lindberg.
Now he performs as soloist, accompanist, and thoroughbass player of plucked string instruments in Renaissance and Baroque periods such as the lute and the early guitar and has held many recitals.
His repertoire ranges from folk music to contemporary music.
He has been awarded many prizes for his activities.
He founded The Early Music Company with Mamiko Hirai in 1990 and presides over EMC Lute Records and has recorded many works of early music.
He teaches now at Osaka College of Music, and Soai University.

□Apr 30 2011, Saturday

Yukio Yokoyama Piano Recital (Double performances)
~The commemorative concert for the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon~


Part 1 (1st performance) 14:00
Part 2 (2nd performance) 17:00

This is the recital by Yukio Yokoyama who achieved the monumental playing all 166 works by Chopin that was recognized in Guinness World Records as “Most pieces of music performed by a solo artist in 24 hours” and celebrated his brilliant 20th anniversary of his debut this year.
The refreshments gathering with him and his autograph session are arranged after each performance.
Please join the recital in our Salon in easy way and have a good time to talk with him. .

Yukio Yokoyama (Piano)

Program for Part1 (the 1st performance)
J.S.Bach    Italian Concerto
J.S.Bach    Chaconne (arr. F.Busoni for piano)
L.v.Beethoven MoonLight Sonata

Program for Part2 (the second performance)
W.A.Mozart Sonata KV.310
F.Schubert Impromptus op.90‐2 & 3
F.Chopin 4 Ballades

Tickets valid only for each performance in advance \5,500 (Day tickets \6,000 )
Tickets valid for the whole (two performances) in advance \10,000 (Day tickets not available)
Sponsored by Noix Accordées Music & Art Salon in cooperation with Music Art Station.
Supported by Netz Toyota Newly Co Ltd and Osaka Gas Jukakusetsubi Co Ltd.

Reservation by telephone and inquiries
Noix Accordées Office 06‐6862‐8855

○Yukio Yokoyama
Born in Tokyo in 1971. He went to France at 16th years old and
graduated from Conservatoire de Paris in 1990.
He won the high rank prizes in Concours International de Piano
Ferruccio Busoni and also in Concours International Margurite‐Long
‐Jacques‐Thibaud in 1989 .
In 1990, the year of his graduation from Conservatoire, he was
awarded the third prize in International Frederic Chopin Piano
Competition in Warsaw as the youngest Japanese player ever.
He has been also awarded many prizes such as the Agency
of Cultural Affairs Minister of Education’s Award for Promising
Musicians, Nippon Steel Music Award for Fresh Artists and
ExxonMobil Music Awards Western Classical Music Promotion
Division etc.
His broad repertoire covers from classical to contemporary music
and not only solo but also chamber music and concertos.
He has performed with many well‐known orchestras and artists in
Japan and abroad, and has got deep reliance on his musical talent
by them.
His aggressive concerts arranged by himself include “The serial
concerts to play all the works by Chopin / 1992 ‐1999”, “Beethoven
12 concerts to play all the works for piano which have the opus
number / 1998‐1999” and “The concert for all the concertos by
Beethoven / 2005” etc.
It is still fresh in our memories that he played Beethoven’s five
great sonatas at one night on August 4th 2007 at Tokyo Opera City
Concert Hall and won the applause of the whole hall.
He has released 18 CDs (as of Nov 2010) and they have got the
high reputations and been awarded the Agency of Cultural Affairs
Arts Festival Outstanding Award for a Disc and the International
F.Liszt Grand Prix for a New Recording.
He composes and performs his own music and also acts as a writer.
He teaches now at Ueno Gakuen as a professor and at the
Elizabeth University of Music as a guest professor.
He acts as a radio personality on Tokyo FN radio
program “Encounters around Yukio Yokoyama’s Piano”
at midnight of every Sunday.
He has his own restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto where guests can
enjoy the combination of meals and his performances.


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