June 8.2014 , Sunday
” Kurumi -an early music dojo" by Miho Hirai style


■Open lesson
@10:00 A11:00 B17:30
(Please note that the scheduled turn may be slightly delayed by the lesson using harpsichord)

Lesson Fee
Solo attendant
Ensemble attendants (one group)
☆Only baroque pitch.

Auditor Fee
\1,000 (for all lessons)

■Group lessons
~Charm of basso continuo~
Auditor Fee
Guest: Akiko Marutani(Sop.)
Lecture song: H.Purcell 【Tell me, some pitying angel : Z. 196 / Nahum Tate】

■Performance and lecture
~I explore the charm of the basso continuo.~
Auditor Fee
\2,000(Lessons Students\1,000)

★ Please make a reservation. We will let you know the schedule as soon as possible.
★ The players (attending a lesson) are free.

The applicants are requested to reserve and send the music
for the lecturer beforehand to the office of Noix Accordées.
( 1‐8‐20, Hattorihonmachi, Toyonaka 561‐0852)
In case different applicants want the same hour, the adjustments will be made in accordance with the mutual talks.

The lesson fee cannot be refunded in case of cancellation except for responsible reasons on the sides of the lecturer and the sponsor.
Substitution of attendant or ensemble for another person or group is acceptable.

Reservation by telephone 06‐6862‐8855
Reservation by facsimile 06-6868-0595
Inquiries Noix Accordées Office 06‐6862‐8855


【Miho Hirai Profile】

Miho Hirai studied piano with Nobutatsu Kawashima and graduated at the Tohogakuen University in Tokyo.
Later on she studied harpsichord with Chiyoko Arita and chamber music with Masahiro Arita on the Toho Gakuen College Music Department Graduate Course.
From 1994 to 1997 she studied harpsichord with Jaques Ogg and chamber music with the Kuijken’s at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag (Holland) for her post- graduate Diploma.
She performed in various European cities and at Festivals such as the Holland Festival of Early Music Utrecht and the Haags Gemeentemuseum.
In 1997 she returned to Japan where she iskept busy with concerts and recordings.
She has appeared on TV ina programme on gesturein Handel’s Operas for The university of the air and has lectured on Handel’s Sonatas for violin at the Daito Bunka University.
She also recorded “Affetti cantabili” for Entr?e receiving an excellent review in TherecordGeijutsumagazine.Sheisappreciated for her accuracy of style and original ideas in practising continuo,
and has played with Japanese ensembles such as Conversum Musicum, Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, and with the cellist Ludovit Kanta both in concerts and in recordings.
She plays with La f?te galante and has made two CDs of 18th century French music, “Les plaisirs de Paris” and “La f?te galante”.
e-mail: hirai_miho@nifty.com
homepage: http://homepage2.nifty.com/hirai_miho/

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