August 24 2013, Saturday

” Kurumi -an early music dojo" by Genzoh Takehisa style

Open lesson
@9:00 A10:00 B11:00 C13:00 D14:00
(Please note that the scheduled turn may be slightly delayed by the lesson using harpsichord)

Lesson Fee
Solo attendant
Ensemble attendants (one group)

Auditor Fee
\2,000 (for all lessons)
\5,000(for all lessons+lecture)

★ Please make a reservation. We will let you know the schedule as soon as possible.
★ The players (attending a lesson) are free.

The applicants are requested to reserve and send the music
for the lecturer beforehand to the office of Noix Accordées.
( 1‐8‐20, Hattorihonmachi, Toyonaka 561‐0852)
In case different applicants want the same hour, the adjustments will be made in accordance with the mutual talks.

The lesson fee cannot be refunded in case of cancellation except for responsible reasons on the sides of the lecturer and the sponsor.
Substitution of attendant or ensemble for another person or group is acceptable.

The attendants and the auditors are invited to join
the refreshments gathering with Genzoh Takehisa after the lessons.

Reservation by telephone 06‐6862‐8855
Reservation by facsimile 06-6868-0595
Inquiries Noix Accordées Office 06‐6862‐8855

【 Lecture 】
How to our harpsichord dance

In the eighteenth century, harpsichord began to get various possibilities of
expression: that this, gorgious sonority of large body, variegated options
of stop manipulation, two or three keyboards with coupler, etc.
We are sometimes so dazzled by these attractive aspects of the latest
development of the harpsichord.

Primarily speaking, however, harpsichord sound has abundant overtones and
programmed messa di voce(so-called bloom effect).
Understanding these important qualities of the sound,
and with the skill of the feedback of performing and listening-to the sound,
in other words, the interplay of feeling and doing inside of our musical
we are able to lead our music to "cantabile" on the harpsichord.

【 Genzoh Takehisa Profile 】


Genzoh Takehisa completed his guraduate studies at Tokyo National University

of Music and Fine Arts. He was a judge at International Harpsicord Builders
Contest in Atlanta (1991) and Early Music Competition in Yamanashi (1997,
2001). Since 2000 he has led Conversum Musicum, instrumental and vocal
ensemble. As a keyboard player he has a large repertoire and has made
numerous CD recordings, including his producing works.
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